Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Residency

  • Investing in the EQTY Fund qualifies investors to apply for Portuguese Residency via the Portugal Golden Visa Programme (“The Programme”)
  • The Programme is designed to attract foreign investment into Portugal.
  • The Programme entitles foreign investors and their families to residency in Portugal.
  • After six years of permanent residence, Investors may apply for Portuguese citizenship if the language and residency requirements are met.

Golden Visa & NHR

Programme Benefits

  • Easy Application Process
  • Simple qualifying criteria
  • Low minimum stay requirements – 7 days per year for 5 years
  • One investment qualifies the Investor and family
  • Excellent Tax Benefits
  • Opportunity to invest and reside in a politically stable and affordable country with a moderate climate, scenic landscapes and a tranquil way of life
  • Provides participants access to work and residence permit
  • Full travel access to all Schengen Countries
  • Enjoy access to the excellent Public Healthcare and Education systems of the EU

Golden Visa & NHR

Qualifying Criteria

  • Any property or regulated fund investment in Portugal qualifies for The Programme
  • Ability to invest in all property types, including residential, commercial or land only
  • Freedom to select one or multiple properties
  • Co-ownership of properties between investors fully accepted
  • Investments in off-plan / ongoing projects admissible
  • No limitations on ownership or use of properties
  • Investment criteria include:
    • €1,000,000 investment into a local company
    • €500,000 min. investment in a direct property purchase
    • €350,000 min. investment for urban renovation
    • €350,000 min. investment for a Private Equity or Regulated Fund

Golden Visa & NHR

Tax Benefits (Non-Habitual Resident Regime)

  • Investors qualify for no direct tax obligations for income generated outside Portugal / [low or no taxation (up to 20%) on profits and dividends generated outside Portugal]
  • The Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Regime is open to anyone who resides in Portugal and has not been a tax resident for the past 5 years
  • Benefits include removal of inheritance tax and fiscal benefits for retirees

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