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Who we are

Real Estate Investment has hardly evolved in over 100 years.
We aim to change that!

@EQTY we do things differently


Our ability to successfully plan, forecast and execute hinges on our ability to make well informed decisions.

That’s why we have assembled a diverse team, located around the world, to provide valuable insights to our experienced team on the ground. Jointly we have successfully delivered on countless properties all around the world.


Real Estate investment cannot be perfectly planned like an assembly line, that is predictable, timely and repeated.

We are however able to de-risk our investments through strategic portfolio management, and increase performance through industry expertise combined with local knowledge and insight from our global team.


Great people with strong human relationships who work together can achieve much more than their collective individual parts.

Through our trusted network, built up over years, we have created an ecosystem of value-added partnerships where "1 + 1 can equal 3"

  • Real Estate is one of the best wealth creators on earth and is usually one of the biggest investments a family will make in their lifetime. It is a long-term investment class that is not volatile like the typical stock market.

  • Property investment has a high barrier to entry. A lower investment typically results in lower quality properties and higher quality properties require a higher entry price.

  • At EQTY we aim to simplify Real Estate Investment and lower the entry barrier to prime property, through portfolios customised to individual needs. Our investment strategy is to achieve long-term, sustainable and above-market returns, governed within a transparent, regulated structure.

  • We are a diverse and experienced group who work with world-class professional teams. We have established strong, value-added partnerships with market leaders and are supported by a digital platform that is fast, on-demand and easy to use, putting us in a strong position to exceed the average returns through various property cycles.

  • We consolidate like-minded investments into diversified property portfolios delivered by developers with a proven track record and a strong reputation for delivering excellence. We achieve discounted acquisitions through bulk-buying and pass these savings directly to our investors, providing an immediate upside to initial investment.



Worldwide real estate assets comprise nearly 60% of the value of all global assets including equities, bonds and gold. Half of all €217 trillion real estate is non-investable, which is a key reason for Real Estate investment being one of the best wealth creators on earth.
Source: Savills Around the World in Dollars and Cents 2016

It cannot be perfectly planned like an assembly line that is predicable, timely and repeated. We are however able to de-risk our investments through portfolio diversity and increase performance through attractive acquisitions and industry expertise combined with local knowledge and insight from by our global team.

Our team


EQTY CAPITAL is a diverse group of entrepreneurs, senior executives, and seasoned professionals who have successfully delivered through uncertainty.

Our ability to successfully plan, forecast, and execute hinges on our ability to make well-informed decisions. We assembled a diverse team with a global perspective to provide valuable insights to our highly experienced team on the ground. Jointly we have successfully delivered on countless properties all around the world.

Core Values

As a team, we pledge to always uphold ethics, transparency and quality in everything we do. These are some of the values we share as a team and as an Organization.

  1. Act with integrity
  2. Unashamedly authentic
  3. Courageous and discovering
  4. Decisive and fair
  5. Listen and understand why
  6. Optimistically pragmatic
  7. Relentless pursuit of betterment
  8. Strategically focused on our long term goals
  9. Team players
  10. Thoughtful and empathetic


Investors get access to a world-class professional team who have structured a transparent, regulated and fiscally attractive investment portfolio of prime properties that have capital preservation at its core.

Developers get a new sales channel of stable, secure and trusted cashflow to deliver on their projects, including ability to sell off-market properties thereby reducing overall development risk and allowing a longer sales period at higher prices.

EQTY receives investment capital to allow bulk purchases, adequate annual income to cover costs and an attractive incentive fee based on successful exit of the portfolios in the years to come.

Meet The Team

We are a team with long-standing relationships built on professional expertise, trust, and shared common values. We pride ourselves in how we challenge the status quo, our strong partnerships fostered on the back of our track records and our relentless pursuit in delivering on our long-term objective:

Be a forward-thinking, collaborative team focused on returning long-term investments in a better place than when they were entrusted to us.

Alp Cicekdagi

& Board Member

Alp has over 20 years Real Estate development and investment experience focused on technologically advanced development projects. Experience includes senior positions with Dubai Properties and The Executive Office of Dubai. Alp holds an MBA from UC Berkeley with a major in Real Estate.

Arthur Moreno

& Board Member

Arthur has co-founded several successful Portuguese ventures, including Stone Capital, a leading Real Estate developer focused on refurbishing prime properties. Previous positions include Senior Associate at McKinsey and Head of BD at Veolia Environment. Arthur holds a MSc Construction Eng. & Management (Berkeley) and an MBA (INSEAD).

Bernardo Campelo

Real Estate Investment Manager

Bernardo joined EQTY with 7 years experience in Corporate Finance and M&A, in various industry sectors including banking, asset management and Real Estate. Bernardo holds a Master in Finance from Católica Lisbon SBE and is a passionate rugby player, who values hard work in a team environment.

Brent Shahim


Brent has co-founded and led several successful companies in South Africa and Europe including Aqua Online, which was listed on JSE. Brent is the CEO of Venture Capital Works, a Private Equity company focused on high growth industries. Brent is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a B. Com (hons) from Wits South Africa.

Dimitri Papakonstantinou

& Board Member

An investor in various projects in Portugal, a member of Dubai YPO Chapter, Dimitri has held senior positions in some of Dubai’s largest contracting firms. He led the sale of the construction company he co-founded, to Emirates Group. Dimitri holds a Master in Civil Engineering from Wits South Africa and an Executivee MBA from Hult University.

Garth Martin

& Board Member (CEO)

With over 20 years in property development and investment, Garth has been investing in Portugal since 2016. Aside from co-founding a property development company, Garth’s previous roles include Senior Manager of Development and Hospitality within Mubadala, the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi. Garth holds an Executive MBA from Hult University.

Geoffroy Moreno

& Board Member

Founder of several successful Portuguese ventures, including Stone Capital, a leading Real Estate developer focused on refurbishing prime properties. Previous positions include Associate of Capital Markets at Cushman & Wakefield and property transactions of over €2 billion. Geoffroy holds a Diplôme Grande École from ESSEC majoring in Entrepreneurship.

Manu (Emmanuel) De Groote


Manu is the Managing Director and Regional Head of Conduct, Financial Crime and Compliance for Standard Chartered Bank (Middle East & Africa). Manu’s Non-Executive role in EQTY comes with his 23 years experience in banking, digital products and related governance, legal, compliance and regulatory risk management.

Maria Bercero

Office Manager

Maria is a qualified lawyer with over 25 years of business experience in Portugal and Spain. Her previous roles include private banking for high-net-worth clients at BBVA and a Associate at Almeida & Associates law firm. Maria also ran her own antique shop and holds a Law degree from Complutense University in Madrid.

Rex Tomlinson


Rex has been a strategic advisor to EQTY, helping pave the way for a solid and successful launch in 2021. Rex’s most recent role was Group Executive of a FTSE 100 company, Old Mutual. Previous positions include Deputy CEO Liberty Holdings, Executive Director at Ilovo Sugar and Board Member of Telkom.

Tracey Martin

Director of Governance and Operations

With over 20 years experience, Tracey’s previous roles include Executive Director at Standard Chartered Bank (Middle East & Africa), Chief of Staff Barclays Bank UAE, and Project Director for Abu Dhabi Finance. Tracey holds a BA degree in Law and International Relations and a PDM in Business Administration from Wits South Africa.

Vasco Varão

Real Estate Investment Associate

With a Masters in Finance and a passion for Real Estate, Vasco has a keen eye for opportunities in the sector and a strong knowledge of the prime residential market. After an internship at EQTY and completing his masters at Nova SBE ahead of schedule, Vasco joined the Real Estate team on a permanent basis.

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