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Why Portugal

Portugal is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in which to live and invest.

Imagine investing into a stable, well-performing European property market within a country known for its safety, affordability, stability and lifestyle.

Imagine that investment provides access to an express route to European Citizenship with a passport ranked within the top 5 of the world.



Portugal, with its spectacular beaches, breath-taking landscapes and vibrant cities, is a world within one country. Portugal’s rich attributes and diversity makes it truly unique. It is gifted with a lifetime of history and culture, magnificent architecture and amazing culinary experiences.

Along with its friendly demeanour and healthy lifestyle, it is no wonder Portugal has been rated in the top 3 places to live for Expats.
(*Source: Best and Worst Places for Expats, 2019, Expat Insider).

Life in Portugal is peaceful, healthy, and safe.


Property Investment

Portugal is ranked #1 for Quality of Life (InterNations), a key reason why so many people are choosing Portugal to be their new home.

Portugal recorded a total of €25 billion in residential sales in 2019 (Construction and housing statistics - 2019 and €660 million (±3%) of those were Golden Visa related, defining solid fundamentals for the Portuguese property market.

Notwithstanding the positive outlook for the Portuguese property market, investing into Real Estate is a long term strategy, one which requires careful planning and a focus on quality properties that can stand the test of time.

Golden Visa

Residency & citizenship

Portuguese Residency entitles an individual to work, live and study in Portugal. As an entrenched Member of the EU, Portuguese Residency also offers you easy access to all countries in the Schengen Area and is a 2 hour flight to London.

After six years of residency (with only a 7 day stay requirement per year), an individual has the opportunity to obtain Portuguese citizenship for themselves as well as their dependent children and parents.

Many European Nationals have shown interest in acquiring resident permits to stay in Portugal due to the favourable 10 year tax incentive programme (Non- Habitual Residency).

Great Location

European gateway cities

Based in Lisbon, our target market for investment includes European Gateway Cities such as

London | Paris | Amsterdam | Madrid | Barcelona | Berlin | Frankfurt | Athens

The Portuguese “Golden Visa” program provides participants access to both a work and residence permit, providing full travel access to all Schengen countries.