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The future is not perfectly predictable. It never has been. We believe the more knowledgeable we become, the better we can estimate the future.

Great people with strong human relationships who work together can achieve much more than their collective individual parts.

At EQTY CAPITAL we aim to simplify Real Estate Investment and lower the entry barrier to prime property, through portfolios customised to individual needs. Our investment strategy is to achieve long-term, sustainable and above-market returns, governed within a transparent, regulated structure.

Who are we

Success is deeply human.

EQTY CAPITAL is a diverse group of entrepreneurs, senior executives and seasoned professionals who have all successfully delivered through uncertainty. We pledge to always uphold ethics, transparency and quality in everything we do.


Our ability to successfully plan, forecast and execute hinges on our ability to make well informed decisions.

That’s why we have assembled a diverse team, located around the world, to provide valuable insights to our experienced team on the ground. Jointly we have successfully delivered on countless properties all around the world.


Real Estate investment cannot be perfectly planned like an assembly line, that is predictable, timely and repeated.

We are however able to de-risk our investments through strategic portfolio management, and increase performance through industry expertise combined with local knowledge and insight from our global team.


Great people with strong human relationships who work together can achieve much more than their collective individual parts.

Through our trusted network, built up over years, we have created an ecosystem of value-added partnerships where "1 + 1 can equal 3"

the market

Why Portugal

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Portugal is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in which to live and invest.

Imagine investing into a stable, well-performing European property market within a country known for its safety, affordability, stability and lifestyle.

Imagine that investment opened up an opportunity to European Citizenship with a passport ranked within the top 5 of the world.

the fund

A Select portfolio

The EQTY CAPITAL FUND provides access to a select and diverse portfolio from Portugal’s leading Real Estate Developers, all with a reputation of delivering exceptional properties.

We expect to exceed the average returns of the Portuguese Real Estate Market over the next decade. While we can’t provide you with perfect certainty of the future, its destination, and timing, we are willing to back our belief with our investment alongside yours.



Sub-Fund I

Prime Residential

Absolute Prime Residential properties located throughout Portugal within the greater Lisbon area, Porto and Algarve.

Sub-Fund II

Balanced Portfolio

A residential anchored portfolio of mixed assets that include retail, commercial and education with exposure to property in European gateway cities and a high performing European Venture Fund

To go fast go alone. To go far go together.

Strong Partnerships

Property Investment is not a fast journey, it’s a long one. Portugal is our home and we welcome you to be part of our journey, together.

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