A Select Portfolio

The EQTY CAPITAL FUND provides access to a select and diverse portfolio from Portugal’s leading Real Estate Developers, all with reputations of delivering exceptional properties.

We expect to exceed the average returns of the Portuguese Real Estate Market over the next decade. While we can’t provide you with perfect certainty of the future, its destination and timing, we are willing to back our educated view with our investment alongside yours.

Strong Partnerships

These partnerships provide access to quality real estate opportunities before official release to the general market and we offer our investors enhanced returns through capital gains.

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EQTY Capital Fund

2 core funds

Sub-Fund I

Prime Residential

100% Portugal Residential

  1. Apartments + Villas + Townhouses
  2. Portfolio of 1 - 4 bedroom units
  3. Located in highly sought after areas with yields mostly from long term tenants
  4. Delivered by Portugal’s leading Property Developers with strong track records
  5. Off plan units + Refurbishments

Sub-Fund II

Balanced Portfolio

± 70% Portugal Assets

  1. ± 50% Portugal Prime Residential
  2. Retail + Commercial + Education
  3. Development Stage Opportunities
  4. Residential in European Gateway Cities
  5. European Venture Fund anchored by a world-class Sovereign Wealth Fund

Target Assets

  • High-end / Prime Residential real estate projects that are high in demand for rental and sales
  • Mixed asset portfolio with small to medium projects (investments in assets between €1m and €5m)
  • Minor stakes Development Stage Projects and strategic Private Equity Funds (higher return)

Target Markets

  • The main target market is Portugal with assets in Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril, Algarve, Alentejo, Porto/Douro
  • Key European Cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, Athens
  • European Venture Fund backed by Sovereign Wealth Fund

Capital Flexible Solutions

  • Each Participant must invest a minimum of €100,000 but may allocate investment across the 2 funds
  • Target Capital over the 2 sub-funds is ±€45 million (±€85 million in assets)
  • Technology driven investment platform providing 24/7 access to investors

Team Track Record

  • Diverse & highly reputable Management Team with backgrounds in property development, investment, technology & construction
  • Experienced Fund Manager (> €300 million Real Estate)
  • Partnership with five of the most experienced & established real estate developers in Portugal

Legal & Financial Discipline

  • Strict Audit & Governance by Deloitte
  • Solid Legal & Tax Team for tax efficient structuring by CMS
  • Leading Golden Visa Law Firms (processing over >80% of all Golden Visas per year)
  • Established and reputable fund management by Fundbox


  • Efficient and closely regulated investment fund that is approved by the Portuguese Government
  • Incentivised Promoter with aligned interests with Investors
  • Stable and reliable Real Estate market with high levels of transparency

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