Team work

Great people with strong human relationships who work together can achieve much more than their collective individual parts.

The EQTY Partners have built outstanding reputations over the years. We believe in full transparency and strict governance, which is demonstrated by the appointment of best in class professional team.

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All our investments go through a triple check system, through the Fund Advisor, Fund Manager and Custodian Bank and is also reviewed through a strict audit process where any irregularities are flagged to the Portuguese Regulator.

The EQTY Advisory Committee

Comprises of 5 members (4 Shareholders and 1 Non-Executive Director) who will review potential investments and pass on recommended opportunities that meet the defined objectives and strict criteria of the fund.

The Fund Manager

Includes an Investment Committee with the responsibility to comment on each investment proposal and portfolio development. The Fund Manager will have the final sign-off on each investment, in accordance with the Investment Committee’s recommendations.

The Custodian Bank

The Custodian Bank is the ultimate gateway and check to ensure the acquisitions are in line with the management regulations and has a duty to report any suspected fraudulent activities to the relevant authorities and any irregularities to the Regulator.


Roles & Responsibilities

EQTY Capital

  • Appointment and Overview of Fund Manager
  • Define the Investment Policy and the Income Distribution Policy
  • Sourcing of opportunities and conducting initial Investment Analysis of potential Assets
  • Arranges exit strategy of assets
  • Unified and fair representation of the Unit Holders
  • Prepares potential investment opportunities for consideration

Fund Manager

  • Operational management of the fund
  • Buy and sell assets on behalf of the fund
  • Manages the relations with the Supervisors and Tax Authorities
  • Issues and reimburses the share units
  • Validate the unit value after assets and liabilities
  • Manages, sells and creates liens on Fund Assets

Custodian Bank

  • The Fund intends to appoint one of the top 3 Portuguese-based Banks
  • Custodian of the Fund UP’s and securities owned by the Fund
  • Ensure the Investment Policy is enforced
  • Distributes the income generated by the Fund
  • Calculates the UP Value
  • Final Check and Approval of any investments

Regulatory Authority


  • The Fund has appointed Deloitte as the official Auditor
  • The Auditor's reports are to be made available to all shareholders of the funds
  • The Fund intends to rotate the Auditors every 3-4 years to ensure full transparency (between Deloitte; Ernest & Young, KPMG or PricewaterhouseCoopers

Legal & Tax

  • General legal and tax assistance in relation to corporate matters.
  • Drafting the by-laws of the various entities owning the assets
  • Incorporation Deed to be underwritten by the shareholder
  • Review corporate documentation of shareholders for the purposes of approving the incorporation of the subsidiary companies

Golden Visa Lawyers

  • Preparation and assistance on the acquisition of the participation units, including client representation
  • Assistance and submission of the initial application for Investor Residency Permit
  • Representation and assistance with the relevant Portuguese Authorities
  • Full assistance with the renewals of the temporary residency permit

Channel Partners

  • Understand potential clients needs and objectives, to better serve them
  • Assess various options that meet the clients objectives
  • Preliminary presentation explaining of ECF1 concept, structure and partners
  • Initial introductions to potential clients

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