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By Michael Maxwell


May 19, 2022

Sustainable Real Estate development is the way to go

Arthur Moreno and Geoffroy Moreno, founders of Stone Capital, a leading developer and asse...



May 06, 2022

What, why, and how are Americans being drawn to Portugal?

With their upcoming trip to San Francisco and Miami next week, Michael Maxwell of EQTY Cap...

By Samantha North


May 03, 2022

How Madeira made digital nomads quit nomadism

Portugal‘s island of eternal spring, Madeira, has become a paradise for digital nomads fro...

By Diogo Saraiva de Ponte


Apr 29, 2022

Portugal and the vibrant venture capital ecosystem

When Paddy Cosgrave brought the Websummit to Portugal in 2016, the Europe’s largest tech e...

By Gavin Goldblatt


Apr 26, 2022

Portugal’s race to the top of the European Entrepreneurship rankings

Over the past 10 years Portugal has moved from the lower end of most European entrepreneur...

By Murat Coskun


Apr 22, 2022

The Search for a more Sustainable Life drives People to Portugal

Sustainability has emerged as a global concern. It’s also a trending topic among investors...

By Samantha North


Apr 19, 2022

Sustainable Property Development: The Future of Real Estate

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the real estate world.

By Michael Maxwell


Apr 13, 2022

American's and the Portuguese Dream

Having recently returned from Miami, where I attended 2 events, one relating to Cryptocurr...

By Marcos Drummond


Apr 11, 2022

Millennials at the gates

Have you been warned about Millennials? Of course you have. Defined by Gallup as the gener...

By Kurran Sachdeva


Apr 08, 2022

Investor sentiment in 2022 so far

Kurran Sachdeva, Managing Partner at Valerio Partners, an independent consulting company s...

By Derren Joseph


Mar 24, 2022

Americans Investing in Offshore Funds (including Portugal)

Americans are special. What do I mean?

By Graham Sutcliffe


Mar 22, 2022

Why have RBI investments become a high-net-worth essential?

Residence by investment is now being described as an asset class, essential for HNWIs to d...