Apr 29, 2024

Why Portugal Ranks High for Quality of Life: Insights and Data from Recent Studies

In recent years, Portugal has not only solidified its reputation as a top tourist destination but has also emerged as a preferred locale for expatriates and retirees from around the globe. What factors contribute to the high quality of life in this sunny corner of Europe?

Economic Stability
Portugal’s economy has shown resilience and steady growth post-recession. According to The World Bank, Portugal's GDP grew by approximately 6.8% in 2022, signaling a robust economic recovery. Despite the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Portugal's unemployment rate has been on a downward trajectory, reported at around 6.6% by the end of 2023, reflecting a stable job market conducive to economic security.

Healthcare System
Portugal’s healthcare system ranks highly on a global scale, renowned for both quality and accessibility. Portugal's #healthcare system ranks 25th in the 2023 Health Care Index by Numbeo. Progress in medical care in the past few decades has led to an increased life expectancy for Portuguese people.
In 2022, the average life expectancy in Portugal reached 82.47 years, marking a 0.22 percent increase compared to 2021. Healthcare in Portugal is under a hybrid system with excellent public and private services.

Safety and Security
One of Portugal’s most compelling attributes is its safety. The Global Peace Index 2023 ranks Portugal as the 7th safestcountry in the world. The low crime rate not only enhances daily living but also contributes significantly to the overall sense of well-being among residents and expatriates.

Environmental Quality
Portugal is committed to preserving its natural beauty and ensuring a high quality of environmental life. The Environmental Performance Index consistently ranks Portugal highly for its efforts in water management, biodiversity, and climate protection, reflecting the country's commitment to sustainable living.

Cultural and Social Environment
Portugal offers a vibrant cultural scene and a welcoming social environment. Cities like Lisbon and Porto combine rich historical heritage with a contemporary lifestyle, offering an array of cultural events, restaurants, and social clubs. This vibrant atmosphere is often cited in lifestyle surveys that rank Portugal highly among expatriates for ease of settling in and quality of life.

Cost of Living
Compared to other Western European nations, Portugal offers a more affordable cost of living, making it an attractive destination for many looking to maximize their quality of life. Numbeo’s 2024 Cost of Living Index places Portugal as one of the most cost-effective in Western Europe, with lower-than-average prices on housing, groceries, and consumer goods.

Whether it’s the robust economy, excellent healthcare, safe environment, or rich cultural tapestry, Portugal offers a comprehensive package that appeals to residents and international investors alike.