Mar 26, 2024
By EQTY Capital

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DUUO Lisbon

Strategically positioned between the vibrant Praça de Espanha and the Avenidas Novas neighborhood in Lisbon, DUUO is a premium residential concept spanning 34,000 square meters, providing a unique living experience for its residents. Developed by BESIX RED and designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Nuno Leónidas Arquitectos.

Whether it is the large windows that flood your home with natural light, or behind your Venetian shutter panels offering you privacy as well as protection from the sun, DUUO breathes sophistication in every detail. 

Imagine cooking without losing sight of your family in the living room, or watching your children play outside. The space is designed to increase your comfort and the quality of time spent together.

The spacious areas in all rooms, large outdoor spaces, contemporary hardwood flooring, and modern bathrooms equipped with solar-powered showers provide you with an incredible sense of timeless well-being.

Praça de Espanha and Avenidas Novas neighborhoods

The Praça de Espanha and Avenidas Nova neighborhoods in Lisbon offer a vibrant mix of modernity and tradition. Nestled in the heart of the city, these areas boast bustling commercial districts, cultural landmarks, and lush green spaces, making them sought-after destinations for residents and visitors alike.

3 Things to do in Avenidas Novas

Ararate Restaurant

Ararate Restaurant invites you to try traditional Armenian dishes and the dishes of the Caucasian countries bordering on Armenia, with a new Portuguese character added by the chef. The team has thoroughly chosen local food, ripe vegetables, and fresh meat and enriched them with the Armenian millennial culinary experience, traditional spices, and a mixture of fragrant mountain herbs delivered from the valleys of the Caucasus. 

Gulbenkian Gardens

The Gulbenkian Foundation Garden is an oasis of nature and tranquillity in Lisbon, offering the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It provides a serene environment and captivating beauty, establishing itself as a landmark in landscape architecture in Portugal. Spanning approximately 8 hectares, the Gulbenkian Foundation Garden offers a variety of surprises and activities suitable for all ages. 

3D FunArt Museum Lisbon

Discover a space that combines art and fun in a relaxed way. Visitors can enjoy good times and create good memories. Here, visitors can embody Van Gogh’s doctor, venture out on a safari, or even have a dinosaur as a pet. They can also see their world completely upside down, their head being served at a meal table, winging and flying in the cosmos, and drinking a wine served by God in Michael Ângelo’s Creation of Adam.