Feb 28, 2024
By EQTY Capital

Important Update on the Golden Visa rules

5-year period now starts from date of residency application

In response to current challenges, Portugal has implemented significant revisions to the "Nationality Law." Among the notable adjustments is the revised method for calculating the five-year residency requirement for obtaining nationality, now factoring in the application date for residency.

While the revisions to the law encompass various aspects of acquiring Portuguese nationality, a particularly significant change pertains to the calculation of the mandatory five-year period for eligibility. Previously, the commencement of this period was contingent upon the issuance of the initial residency permit. However, under the newly approved amendments, the residency duration will commence from the date of residency application submission, irrespective of subsequent approval.

Moving forward, this adjustment marks a significant shift that will impact numerous applicants, rectifying an inequitable system where the prolonged waiting period for residency application processing went unaccounted for. This amendment also enhances the credibility and stability of the Portuguese nationality system, ensuring that applicants can confidently anticipate a consistent five-year duration for obtaining a Portuguese passport, irrespective of administrative processing times. 

The implementation of these changes will take effect upon publication in the official gazette, expected within the next 30 days.

For further details, we recommend reaching out to your legal counsel.