May 24, 2023
By EQTY Capital

Condes de Caria Construction Update

The Project

Condes de Caria, a XVIII century palace developed by LX Capital and reimagined by Saraiva + Associados, offers a real feeling of communion with nature in the city centre. All elements of heritage value were preserved. The connection to the new floor is made through a sculptural staircase, of contemporary design, integrated in the existing core. The atmosphere, scale and materials will continue to highlight the different eras. The window that once existed is recovered, to let in the wonderful light of Lisbon. The Condes de Caria is not just another development, it is a unique, exclusive and timeless project. It's time to welcome family, old friends and make new ones, to mingle, and to enjoy every moment.

Condes de Caria apartments feel like a villa: spacious rooms, clean lines, plenty of comfort, and privacy. White prevails in harmony with natural elements such as stone and wood, creating a perfect symphony. The light of Lisbon, with its various atmospheres, lofty ceilings, and enormous windows, naturally enters every room.

The Area

Located in Sete Rio, there is a variety of services surrounding Condes de Caria, including health facilities, schools and universities, cultural spaces, sports circuits, gardens, urban parks such as Parque do Alvito and Parque da Serafina, and the Zoo. People move to this area looking for the peace and quiet, as well as an improved way of life.

The Apartments

The seven apartments in total from one to four bedrooms are divided into two blocks, the East Block and the West Block, and are part of a private condominium that includes a garden, a swimming pool, and other amenities for residents.

The main access is relocated so that the symmetry of the two buildings is balanced. A terrace and a private garden are added and the same architectural elements are maintained. 

The apartments on the lower floors offer private gardens to honor the historic Quinta das Laranjeiras' legacy. The new Humberto Delgado pedestrian square and Monsanto Park can be seen from the upper floors.

In the kitchen, clean lines and neutral tones contrast with equipment worthy of a chef. Materials are mixed together as one mixes condiments. 

The master suites are equipped with underfloor heating, sophisticated dressing areas and double bathrooms. 

Set in the garden, the original swimming pool is restored, as it is the solarium area. Next to the pool, there’s a contemporary pavilion open to the garden, equipped for workout and exercise. The carefully designed landscape restores the naturalistic gardens and preserves the existing species, maintaining the original structure and decorative elements.

The Construction

The construction of Condes de Caria started in August 2022, and the completion is expected for Q2 2024. So far, a lot of progress was made with the demolitions of the interior of the palaces and the foundations completed, the ground floor of both buildings finalised, as well as the treatment of both facades. The core of the elevators of both buildings are done and the work on the metal structure and the assembly of the wooden beams has begun.