Sep 01, 2023

Construction Update: Condes de Caria Project Progress

Project Overview:

Project Name: Condes de Caria

Location: Sete Rios

Developer: LX Capital

Project Website:


Exploring the Vicinity: Before delving into the project, some info on the neighbourhood surrounding the site:Situated in the Sete Rios area, this location boasts proximity to various points of interest, including therenowned Lisbon Zoo, a hub of biodiversity and education. The convenience of the nearby Train Station enhances accessibility and connectivity for future residents. Additionally, the presence of the US Embassy in the vicinity adds a touch of international prominence to the neighborhood. Importantly it is walkable to key Lisbon locations such as Praça de Espanha, Gulbenkian and El Corte Ingles.


Construction Milestones: The dedicated efforts of the development team have resulted in substantial progress that sets the stage for a transformative development.


Commencement of Construction: The journey began in August 2022, marked by the initiation of construction works that signaled the start of a new phase in the project's timeline. 


Progress Aligned with Plan: We are pleased to report that the ongoing construction activities are in perfect alignment with the approved Works Plan.


Key Accomplishments:

      1. Interior Demolition: The interior spaces of the palaces have been expertly cleared, paving the way for the subsequent stages of development.
      1. Foundation and Retaining Walls: The foundational elements of the structures have been established, forming a solid base for the project's evolution.
      1. Metallic Structure Completion: The construction of the metallic structures for both blocks has been successfully concluded, framing the development.
      1. Wooden Beams and Pavements: The installation of wooden beams and pavements in both blocks has enhanced both the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces.
      1. Roofing Achievements: Block B's roofing has been securely closed. Simultaneously, the roofing of Block A is progressing steadily.
      1. Facade Transformation: The facades are undergoing a striking transformation with the introduction of new stonework. This process beautifully combines historical preservation with contemporary aesthetics.
      1. Masonary Work: Ongoing masonry work in both blocks is contributing significantly to the structural integrity and visual appeal of the development.


For more visual insights and additional updates, we encourage you to explore the project website: