Sep 01, 2023

Prata Riverside: Developed by VIC Properties

Prata Riverside

The fusion of scenic beauty, historical significance, and the palpable buzz of innovation makes this riverside location more than just a residence—it's a lifestyle choice for those looking to be at the forefront of technological advancement while enjoying the simple things in life and seamless work life integration.

Welcome to life in Prata Riverside, Lisbon's thriving riverside community. Often referred to as the city's modern face, this area not only offers a high standard of living but also serves as a metaphor for the city itself: a place where tradition and modernity coexist beautifully.

Over the years, Lisbon has evolved into a major European tech hub, attracting startups, entrepreneurs, and tech giants alike. And for those in the tech industry, living riverside provides the perfect work-life balance. After a day of coding, strategizing, and innovating, what could be better than a relaxing stroll along the riverbank, a sundowner at one of the many leisure options surrounded by nature, bike lanes and parks for kids to enjoy.

Unsurprisingly, units in Prata Riverside are performing well showing steady capital appreciation and rental yields close to 5%. With buyers representing over 40 nationalities and over 55% of them Portuguese, Prata represents the multi-layered city Lisbon has become.

We recently visited the location to monitor progress and feel the vibe and the buss is palpable. The project is looking great, Renzo Piano the architect must certainly be proud of the outcome.