Feb 09, 2023
By EQTY Capital


We are pleased to share that the EQTY Fund I investment portfolio includes the development of Baluarte –Fonte da Vida, a project by STONE Capital. The investment was made through a local subsidiary company. The Baluarte development consists of 46 residential units distributed over 7 buildings with a modern architectural layout.

The project is located in Fontainhas Parish, one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in Setúbal, just in front of the Sado River. Considering its privileged location, the building has the potential to be a landmark project to the city. The surrounding area combines a great variety of street retail, gastronomy and cultural spots, and easy access to the main connections to get in and out of the city.

The project is a Rehabilitation program, as the plot is composed of several different components, from which some are ruins and others are land plots. Part of these ruins will be harnessed, in order to keep some of the existing urban distribution.

Tourism, due to the beautiful existing natural conditions plus excellent hotels, resorts and infrastructures, is one of the city’s most appreciated resources. Its interconnection with the Sado River on one side and Atlantic Ocean on another, having a coast line with both is an added bonus. 

The city is also connected with the nearby coast of the Arrábida hills natural park - which offers an unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Across the river on the south bank lies the peninsula of Tróia, a place with vast white/golden sand beaches where several luxury hotels and resorts were recently built. The Tróia peninsula can be seen from the city across the river. Albarquel, Figueirinha, Galápos, Galapinhos, Creiro and Portinho da Arrábida are some of the city’s many beaches, located on the north bank of the estuary, at the very beginning of the Arrábida hills. The project’s architecture was made to take advantage of the most amazing views of these exceptional sights.

EQTY Fund I invests primarily into Portuguese companies which are managed by FundBox SCR, and advised by EQTY Capital Lda.